Welcome to my first blog post!

Some time ago, an idea came to my mind to learn something new. For unknown reasons, I chose pentesting.

The OSCP course was my first choice as it is very recognizable in the industry. So few weeks later I enrolled in the OSCP course and gave it a try. From a perspective, I can say it wasn’t the best move.

I tried OSCP two times, and as a result, I have materials for both the old OSCP course and the new OSCP course. They cover much more in the new course than in the old one. However, the amount of materials is overwhelming, and there are only 90 days of labs with the option to extend. Unfortunately, I still needed to seek information outside of the course. On one hand, it seems normal in this industry, but on the other hand, I couldn’t find my way in it.

Yesterday, I finished learning module in HTB Academy, and I think I know why I failed with OSCP, twice. Actually, this module opened my eyes. If I were to list the main reasons for this failure, I would strongly emphasize the lack of a clearly defined goal. Next, the lack of a plan on how to accomplish that goal. Finally, I had not enough time as the last factor. I believe that due to these three things, I quickly reached a state where I was frustrated and giving up.

I decided to give it another shot. This time, with HTB Academy. I still strugle with little time I have but that will change soon, hopefuly. I changed my strategy. I realized that in the past, I rushed through materials, and as a result, I had a lot of gaps in my knowledge. I believe that a strong foundation is key.

I have started this blog with the purpose of documenting my learning process. My intention is to write weekly progress reports to track my learning journey on a timeline and make it easier for me to observe my progress. Additionally, I plan to share walkthroughs of the machines I successfully manage to complete on HTB (Hack The Box).

Today, I finished:

  • Learning process

I highly recommend this module. It’s not directly related to pentesting, but it helps to understand why we struggle with learning this subject.

I would like to study the following modules/topics this week:

  • Introduction to Networking
  • Linux Fundamentals
  • Web Requests

I am very excited about next weeks. I am sure I will learn a lot!


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